Best time of the day to have sex

Is any time really a good time to make out?  Does our body tick-le for sex during certain hours? If you have been wondering what time of the day or night it would be best to have sex, the answer is in the morning.


Survey says

There was a survey conducted by Forza Supplements about the best time to have sex. There were 1,000 respondents that spoke about their peak times. The results show that the best time is at 7:30 am. This time is actually 45 minutes after the suggested optimal time for waking up for that body clock that is perfectly in tune.

Coffee, tea, or me?

So, perhaps you’ll have to opt to wake up without having a cup of coffee first as the best time is early morn. A man’s performance level for sex dating is peaked during the early hours until mid-morning. The peak is due to a boost in testosterone levels.

Afternoon delight

You might want to let go of that afternoon delight as a hormonal expert stated that the best time of day to become busy is at 3 pm. However, when it is late in the afternoon, a woman’s estrogen levels hit their peak. During this peak, the woman experiences being more alert, more emotionally attuned, and have a boost of energy.

Gain the benefits

According to research, sex in the morning enables the body to unleash endorphins. When this happens, the person gains both the mental and physical health benefits of sex. These benefits include stress-relief and the lowering of blood pressure levels.

Any time

To have sex at any time does have benefits. Yet, if we listen to what our body tells us, we get to ‘perform’ better. You might be feeling tired, and don’t want to deal with porn action, but would like a love-making session. You might have that ‘top of the morning’ feeling, and want to make out, and choose to be late for work.

Not for all

The given time for the morning rise for sex underneath the bed sheets is only applicable to those who have a typical day. Many people nowadays work at night, so you cannot expect them to be fully functional in the morning as they need to rest.

No pressure

We can schedule our days to do things on time. However, to let go of the pressure and the stress, there shouldn’t be an Alexa that reminds you that it is time for sex. The best time to have sex is the results of a survey, and it makes sense because when we wake up in the morning, we feel refreshed and full of energy.

Schedule your next sex date

If you want to go sex dating, you might want to schedule the time to meet up in accordance to your peak performance. Think about the last few times you had sex. What time was best for you? Knowing the time that you feel great, you can plan what hour of the day to have your next sex date.